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1 Bonded Warehousing & Logistics

With the platform of bonded service for the commodities from the international markets may be stored  bonded in the warehouses in FTZ, and may be shipped or distributed to the international or domestic markets. Thus business involving in international logistics, international purchasing and international  distribution and other modern service industries are encouraged to develop to suit the needs of the customers.

Simple processing may be undertaken for the bonded stored goods, such as classification, selection, repackages, etc.


2 International Trades

The in-zone enterprises may engage in International Trades by taking the advantages of the functions of FTZ and the convenience & flexibilities of customs clearance.

Flexible Filing System is practiced by the Customs for the management of goods entering & exit between outside the territory and FTZ.


3 Bonded Commodity Exhibition

The commodities from the international markets may be exhibited bonded or sold inside FTZNo time-limit for the storage of the bonded goods in the warehouses in FTZ.


4 Hi-end Processing/Manufacturing

The in-zone enterprises may source raw materials from int’l or domestic markets, and the finished products may be sold to both markets upon processing & manufacturing.

Emphasis will be placed on developing hi-tech industries and applyingadvanced technologies to improve the production efficiency of traditional industries. Development priority will be given to industry such as electronic information, bio-engineering, electronic communications equipment, aircraft industry. Support will also be given to industries with growth potential.


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