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Zhuhai-Macao Cross-Border Industrial Zone was established on Dec 5, 2003 with the approval of the State Council. Located between Maoshengwei in Gongbei Zhuhai and Cheongju in the northwest of Macao, the industrial zone covers a total area of 400,000 square meters, with Zhuhai Park occupying 290,000 square meters and Macao Park occupying 110,000 square meters. The two parks are partitioned by a waterway and connected by a special customs port which offers 24-hour customs service.

Taking advantage of the opportunities endowed by the “One Country, Two Systems” and the “Mainland & Macao Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement” (CEPA), the cross-border industrial zone will promote complementary advantages and resources sharing between Zhuhai and Macao, and will provide a platform of service and development for the Pan-Pearl River Delta regional cooperation

Approved to establish on 5th, Dec., 2003, ZHUHAI-MACAO CROSS-BORDER INDUSTRIAL ZONE is located in the area between Maoshengwei, Gongbei, Zhuhai and Qingzhou, north-west part of Macau. It occupies a total area of 0.4 square kilometers, among which 0.29 square kilometers and 0.11 square kilometers are respectively occupied by ZHUHAI ZONE and MACAU ZONE, in between there being an exclusive water channel and connection port. The establishment of ZHUHAI-MACAO CROSS-BORDER INDUSTRIAL ZONE aims to launch a beneficial experiment on the knit of regional economy cooperation under the condition of ‘one country, two systems’ by exploiting the advantages and the opportunities offered by the practice of ‘one country, two systems’ and performance of ‘Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between China Mainland and Macau (CEPA)’ and sharing the advantages and resources so as to promote mutual development of Zhuhai and Macau. I. INDUSTRY ORIENTATION: Development of industry takes the lead, together with logistics, transit-port trades, exhibition and marketing of products and other industries. II. MANAGEMENT : Under the condition of unified planning, ZHUHAI ZONE and MACAU ZONE are respectively managed by Zhuhai Municipal Government and the related departments of the Government of Macau Special Administration Region, and pertinent coordination institutes shall be set up mutually to handle the matters in the ZONE required by both sides.


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